Can anyone submit a link?
Yes - you just need to create an account
How is post score determined?
It's very simple. It is the number of likes minus number of dislikes
I made a mistake in my submission title, how can I edit it?
You can edit your post after you have submitted a post . Just click on edit on the post menu
I want to change my username. Do I have to start a new account?
Yes - you have to create a new account
What is the 'report' button?
Report Button is shown on every post. It is way to tell us that this post is either a spam or very low quality
What happens when something gets reported?
It will be reviewed, either by a person or a program. The more people who report it, the more likely some action will be taken.This way you can help us to clean initedit .
Why am i not able to post comment?
One of the reason could be that the post is archived or simply you have not logged in.


  • Post which are of not good quality can be moved to cutthebullshit or can be removed ( if you are writing something then submit post as private and when it's fully completed then make it public)
    Note : private post won't be moved or removed
  • Broken link ( i.e. link which is not found on internet ) can be removed without any notice to it's user
  • Don't ask for likes in comment or post.
    Such comments or post can be removed
  • Please don't spam or your account can be put on Hold